Who can participate?

Anyone can volunteer: students, academics, UO staff and the public.

It may occur sometimes that some positions are intended for students with certain specialization, such as health professionals, psychologists, musicians, translators, educators or social workers. If this is the case, you will find a list of these activities under the link of the relevant faculty. Most of the time, however, volunteer positions would be suitable for anyone who can spare their time and offer a helping hand.

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Faculty of Arts Volunteers
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Public outside of the UO

How can you participate?

The type of cooperation or volunteering activities is entirely up to you to decide.

Short-term cooperation usually requires no more than a day. You may however choose long-term cooperation in order to witness the true impact of your efforts. Urgent calls for help are as well immediately sent to registered participants by e-mail. If you are interested in helping beyond the borders of our country, feel free to sign up for OU Aid and get involved in development cooperation. Furthermore, you may contribute financially or materially by participating in one of the calls.

Urgent aid
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What are the options?

Each of us has different skills and abilities and is proficient at something. You will find your own specialty with us.

Do you enjoy working with children, looking after them or educating them? Are you focused on working in medical and/or healthcare facilities? Do you know a foreign language and are you seeking a way to use it in practice? Are you keen on administration, papers and office work? The possibilities are endless. We will need all your discovered and hidden talents.

Healthcare services
Working with children
Help Foreigners

Where can you help?

The location of your volunteering is determined by need.

Most of the time, it is the city Ostrava or the surrounding areas. The volunteering activity can extend to the whole Moravian-Silesian region or the Czech Republic. In the case of development and humanitarian aid, it is possible to help beyond the borders of the continent.

Ostrava and its surrounding areas
Moravian-Silesian region
Czech republic
Foreign missions

Examples of Volunteering Activities:

Students organizing collections

The Faculty of Social Studies organizes regular collections of money in cooperation with institutions and charitable organizations active in the field of social care for homeless people and women and children from shelters.

Babysitting during Covid-19

Students not only from the Faculty of Education provided babysitting for the employees of the Ostrava University Hospital. In addition, a temporary company nursery was created at the Counselling Centre for OU employees.

Hello, you’re not alone!

In a joint project against loneliness of seniors Residomo and OU against loneliness of seniors activities were involved psychology students from the Faculty of Arts, who regularly called seniors not only in Ostrava.

OU medical volunteers

Future doctors from the Faculty of Medicine and medical students from all over the Moravian-Silesian Region were called upon as the first to help during the COVID-19 pandemic in the autumn of 2019.

Face Mask Sewing CORONA OVA

An OU student initiative brought together volunteers across faculties and outside the university. For instance, it was behind the face mask sewing workshop and while also providing shopping for those being at risk.

Helping Moravia after the tornado

The Volunteer Centre was the first in the region to open a collection point for material aid to tornado-affected areas of southern Moravia and arranged a delivery directly to the regions of Hodonín and Břeclav.

Language is not a barrier

Whether during COVID-19 or the war in Ukraine, students and teachers of the Faculty of Arts provide online conversational lessons of Czech for foreign students and dormitory residents.

The university will plant more trees

“For every application we will plant a tree,” the University of Ostrava promised, and it is fulfilling its commitment. In the autumn, students and staff of the University planted together more than 8,600 trees.

Art and Music for Ukraine

The Faculty of Arts and its students prepared swiftly the first ever online art auction and benefit concert in response to the war in Ukraine in order to support the country and its people.

To Be In and OU Aid programmes

To lecture in Rwanda, or vaccinate and teach children in Kenya – our students experienced all this and more during their time abroad in Africa through To Be In and OU Aid programs and local organizations.