Stories of Our Volunteers

12th May 2024

Veronika Sikorová, a student of the Faculty of Social Studies at the OU, went on her trips abroad to study, intern and volunteer. Most recently, she visited the Finnish city of Kuopio, where she gained not only a more comprehensive understanding of social work in Finland.

Medics on the street in Ostrava help to break down social barriers. Help them and join the sock collection

12th December 2023

Help the homeless during the winter months — just bring one sock or more to the collection point. It should be clean, washed, or brand new. The collection is organised by Medics on the Street, which connects future health professionals who are interested in the issue of homelessness and the provision of health care to people in need.

Blog from OU AID: Philippines – Volunteering in Paradise!

15th November 2023

Eliska and Tomas went to the Philippines as part of a mobility programme called OU AID, spending time in operating rooms, visiting high schools, and enjoying the natural beauty and local specialties in their free time.

“I learned how social work is different in other countries,” says a student, Veronika Sikorová, describing her volunteer work in Kenya.

18th July 2023

I spent a wonderful 28 days in Kenya on the Island of Hope as part of the OU AID programme. I am studying social work, so I have always been attracted to volunteering. Therefore, through the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ostrava, I went with the partner organisation Centrum Narovinu and worked at the local orphanage. I had no expectations, but rather fears, but the opposite was true.

Barbora Špinlerová: As a volunteer, one is never completely alone

26th January 2023

Barbora Špinlerová, a master’s student in special education, has been volunteering at the non-profit organisation ADRA since 2018. At the end of 2021, she became a volunteer coordinator in the Student Volunteer Club program. She is co-leading a sports club for children with PAS now.

Yelyzaveta Mys: If everyone does at least something, it’s a hundred percent more than if we decide to do nothing at all

5th May 2022

Yelyzaveta Mys is a pianist and student at the University of Ostrava, originally from Ukraine. She came to us from Donetsk, which has been under occupation for eight years, and she is now experiencing the war conflict in Ukraine for the second time. But she herself is guided by the motto: “The greater evil you observe, the greater good you will do.”

Ukrainian students and academicians are together at Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ostrava

22nd April 2022

On Monday, April 11, a meeting of teachers and students from the Institute of Human Sciences at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (BGKU), Ukraine, took place at the University of Ostrava.