DOBROden of the University of Ostrava

The first year of the DOBROden was realised in cooperation with the KŘÍDLENÍ Foundation on the occasion of the celebration of the XVIII. year of the Advent full of KŘÍDLENÍ Charity Festival.

Advent full of KŘÍDLENÍ (Wings of Hope) is an event that represents the peak of the year-long activities of the KŘÍDLENÍ Foundation. Its mission is to assemble wings for local non-profit organisations that are dedicated to helping people with physical and mental disabilities, people with various handicaps, seniors, children, and students living in difficult social conditions, and organisations that care for animals and the environment.

The charity festival welcomed more than 50 local non-profit organizations. Visitors were invited to enjoy a fair, a food zone, workshops, debates, and an online auction. The DOBROday also included supporting volunteering activities and the rebirth of the Volunteer Centre of the University of Ostrava.

Advent full of KŘÍDLENÍ (Wings of Hope)

Advent full of KŘÍDLENÍ takes the form of a colourful festival day with concerts, performances, a charity sales zone, and a charity auction. In the morning, there were mini-conferences with thematic discussions focused on charity and workshops presenting the local non-profit organisations and possible forms of their support and involvement. The programme included the announcement of the VIth annual TyrkysOVA!, a collection with DPO (a transport company of Ostrava), the Statutory City of Ostrava, and other CSR organisations.

Dozens of non-profit organisations that are actively involved and create the core with the KŘÍDLENÍ Foundation were presented. This charity festival also introduced the new space and dimension of the City Campus of the University of Ostrava and its wide portfolio of possibilities to the public. The University of Ostrava became a co-organiser with the active involvement of students and staff in the social field and the development of the Volunteer Centre. The event traditionally offered social mindfulness (CSR) and brought kindness to our city for the eighteenth time.